QM Certification

Our primary goal is to optimally fulfil the requirements and expectations of our clients. A high level of quality, the safety and health of our own employees and those of our customers, as well as plant safety and environmental protection in the execution of our work are the foundations that must be guaranteed in the long term. It is on these foundations that economic activity can lead to economic success and social prosperity.

By implementing our quality, safety, health and environmental policy and constantly improving our range of services, we aim to secure the trust and positive image that our clients have of our company. In this way, we are and will remain a reliable partner for our customers.

To this end, the management itself and every single employee is committed to complying with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and the SCC regulations version 2021 for our management system, ensuring that accidents are prevented, health risks are eliminated and hazards and environmental pollution are avoided.

Every employee therefore has the task of constantly scrutinising quality, safety, health and environmental protection in the company and identifying potential for improvement. To ensure that this objective can be realised at all levels, the employees entrusted with management tasks in particular are tasked with promoting QSE awareness among the workforce.

Through appropriate organisational precautions, as well as through the qualification and ongoing training of our staff, we promote …

  • the prevention of personal injury;
  • ensuring the safety of third parties;
  • the prevention of property damage;
  • the prioritisation of SHE in the company’s operations;
  • striving for continuous improvement in the area of QSGU;
  • Adherence to the compliance programme;

We are determined to support this corporate goal with the help of the best available technology. If events require a rapid response, we are also committed to working cooperatively with customer and authority representatives.